My interests in the environment are stimulated by a rapidly changing environmental picture and now global warming. 

our mission

the arts 

The arts are always in search of funds. Outstanding arts organizations have the effect of being a significant influence in making a city attractive.


The programs we support educate the community of the root causes of poverty and the public policies proven to reduce poverty and its impact on children, families, and communities. 

Many children are left behind for the reason they are not treated well, stimulated, encouraged, or exposed to the environments limiting their natural curiosity, growth, development, and ambition.


"What I am doing is giving back to the community, a partial payment for those who educated  and supported me." - Dick Holland

​​​​​The primary mission of the Holland Foundation is to support efforts which 1) aid children and families in crisis or in need, 2) support the arts or artists, and 3) support public education at all levels.

To a lesser extent, the Foundation supports efforts which 1) benefit the environment, 2) support scientific research, and 3) facilitate communication and understanding with others. 

In furtherance of the mission, the Holland Foundation may fund capital projects, general operating support, and special programs or projects.  Our interests include advocacy, and efforts to address the root causes of both poverty and failed educational outcomes.